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Wednesday / April 24.
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New Mexico Residents Express Concerns About Public Education, Strong Support for Charter Schools in Recent Survey

Throughout October, 517 New Mexicans received a phone call from Research & Polling Inc., asking their opinion on charter schools in New Mexico. Residents responded to a range of questions from whether they would like to see charter school options grow in the state, to whether they would vote for political candidates who are supportive of charters.

The results showed that New Mexicans are searching for options. In New Mexico, charter schools are free, public and open to all. The New Mexico Public Education Department has a section on their website where they acknowledge the importance of charter schools as an alternative option to traditional public schools.

The survey results reveal that a majority of New Mexico residents, 56 percent, believe that the state’s public education system has veered off course. In contrast, only 25 percent feel that public education is headed in the right direction. The findings suggest a prevailing pessimism about the state of education in New Mexico.

One consensus among respondents was the need for more public school choices in their communities. Overwhelmingly, 82 percent of residents agreed that parents need more public school options. 

When it comes to charter schools, the survey found that three-quarters of respondents, 73 percent, either strongly support (46 percent) or somewhat support (27 percent) the continued development and opening of more public charter schools in New Mexico. 

In stark contrast, only 14 percent of residents expressed opposition to this idea, with eight percent strongly opposing it and six percent somewhat opposing it.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that seven-in-ten New Mexicans, representing 70 percent of respondents, are against a proposed state law that would prohibit the opening of any new public charter schools in the state for several years. Only 15 percent expressed support for such legislation.

Regarding the impact of charter schools on the state’s education system, the survey findings reveal that a significant majority of residents, 72 percent, believe that public charter schools contribute positively to the improvement of public education in New Mexico. This sentiment is underscored by the fact that 43 percent of respondents strongly agree with this statement. These figures align closely with the sentiments observed in a similar survey conducted in 2022.

The survey revealed that New Mexicans believe public education has gone off course, and that support for charter schools in the state is strong with more than seven in 10 residents wanting more charter school options.