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Sunday / March 3.
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House unanimously passes charter school facilities bill; Senate Ed. next

The New Mexico House of Representatives voted 64-0 Feb.10 to pass  House Bill 43, which would take several steps to ease the facility funding burden on charter schools.

The bill now moves to the Senate Education Committee, and if it passes there, to the Senate floor. Time is of the essence because the 30-day legislative session ends on Thursday at noon.

If passed through both houses of the state legislature and signed into law, the bill would:

  • Create a $10 million Charter School Facility Revolving Fund. The fund would not be used for construction but would be available for schools currently in lease purchase agreements to use for refinancing. Only charter schools that are established and have been renewed at least once would be eligible to tap the fund.
  • Ensure that available public land and facilities not used by school districts would be offered to charter schools. This provision would be enforced by the Public Schools Facilities Authority.
  • Standardize what is currently a $700 per student lease assistance payment for charter schools. The amount of lease assistance charters currently receive is unpredictable because it is allocated based on the square footage of instructional space in schools, as measured by the Public School Capital Outlay Council.
  • Help charter schools get onto school district bond funding elections and distributions.

A similar bill last year died in committee, but its prospects appear brighter this year.